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Protect your identity. Make sure you review and understand the privacy settings on all social media sites you use before posting any update. Review the privacy settings regularly as they often change.
Based on our survey young people appeared to be relatively resilient when it comes to coping with negative online experiences. Not a single participant stated that they would ignore this behaviour. The most common action is to block the individual (overall 78.5%) followed by informing a family member (30.5%) and closing the message on their device (28.5%).
Ensure that your colleagues from any organization you’re a part of are well-informed on the prevention of accidentally revealing the company’s confidential information. Check the rules about disclosing sensitive business information on personal social media accounts.

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WhatsApp launches a new app with giving business accounts verified green badges. The app is out in several countries now with the global rollout expected in the next few weeks. #safesurf_bh #trabahrain #safetuesday #Bahrain #news

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