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The Child’s Self-Identity in the Technology Revolution

  • By Tuqa Marhoon
  • November 14, 2019

Many factors influence a child’s self-image and sense of identity, a matter that makes research into this subject a complicated issue. The most important factors are the parents, any siblings, the extended family, school, peers, teachers, community, and the media.

Media influence is twofold. The first is the direct exposure of a child to the media. The second is the way the media influences all of the factors that contribute to building the identity of a child.

You, as an educator, are certainly influenced by what you watch through the media, which one way or another, touches upon the feelings and thoughts of a person. However, mature adults are usually able to refine the content that is received.

But, what about children, especially if they are in touch most of the day with the internet through mobile devices? A child receives a large amount of information that greatly influences their concept of themselves, particularly in the early years of development. This influence becomes greater as the child grows older.

One threat faced by educators is the extent to which the information received conflicts with the values and principles of the family. The most challenging problem is how to convert a children’s image of themselves from an internal viewpoint to an external one, so that their actions become founded on how “I get others to view me positively”, rather than “how I must help myself to be good”.

Are you aware of what your child is watching? Do you know how to codify the contents to which the child is exposed? Do you know how to strengthen the child’s media immunity?

Tuqa Marhoon
She is a gifted and talented specialist, researcher, and parent educator. You can find more insightful information about your parenting on her platform @parenting.with.tea

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