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Are We Safe While Browsing the Internet?

  • By Lulwa Ebrahim
  • December 24, 2019

The internet is a large place where anything can happen, good or bad. The creation of the internet has provided humans with many opportunities, however, this comes with a lot of dangers concerning internet safety. This is why it is extremely important to stay safe on the internet through SafeSurf Bahrain, an initiative by Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) aiming to provide the citizens of Bahrain a safe cyber environment.

Protecting the citizens of Bahrain on the internet requires knowing what dangers the internet poses for them, and how to avoid these risks. The main dangers that accompany the use of the internet are cyber predators, scams, unsafe downloads, and, especially, cyberbullying. According to Safe Surf Bahrain, “Cyberbullying is an act by a person or a group which causes harm to another person or group using electronic devices linked to the internet”. Cyberbullying has increased at a rapid rate over the past few decades as more children began to use the internet. Cyberbullying can cause the victim to feel humiliated, embarrassed, threatened, excluded, and more, all by using the internet. This is why it is important to take precautions on the internet to prevent these incidents from occurring.

Despite these concerns, the citizens of Bahrain can still take precautions against the dangers of the internet. Internet users can choose strong passwords, use a VPN connection, allow privacy settings, be cautious of their downloads, and more in order to keep their personal information safe out of a predator’s hands. SafeSurf Bahrain has organized many conferences and workshops, as well as the Online Child Protection Strategy Program, to help the citizens of Bahrain, especially children, stay safe on the internet.

In conclusion, internet safety is a significant issue that needs to be taken seriously in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of Bahrain. Life without the internet would be extremely difficult as it has provided many possibilities for the world, however, we should remember not to believe everything we see online.

Written by: Lulwa Ebrahim

Grade 9
Naseem International School

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