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  • By SafeSurf
  • June 30, 2019

Think Twice Before Sharing Personal Photos Online

Sharing photos online is fun, but first and before posting any photo always make sure your photo sharing privacy settings are controlled however, shared photos over the internet can be stolen and used by strangers. Even worse, any photos that snapped by devices with GPS technology often contain tags that show exactly where those photos captured. For example, if you take a photo of yourself in front of your home and then post it on a social network, it’s possible for viewers to know exactly where you live.

Where Could Your Photos Be?

People post pictures online extensively. These images in fact can be on other people`s devices easily and quickly. Flickr or Instagram are basically photo sharing sites where users can share images openly, unrestrictedly, and in a private way too. Meaning, your posts again could be copied to other members’ personal devices or might stay in the company’s servers.

It is well-known that Facebook and Twitter offer photo albums and timelines. Think before you speak and think twice before you post on social media “Think before you post,” or “Don’t post something that you would not want your mother to read”, are phrases that every individual should consider before sharing information.

Everything that you do online stays online. As a student, an image could cost you a future job when found by future employers or could be a source of shame if seen by your future colleagues. You need to understand the importance of establishing a good online, and offline, reputation.

Before hitting the send button, always review what you have written before you share it with anyone.

What’s online about you?

Google can quickly tell what others can collect about you. Conduct a search and learn how much information is already there online about you.

Use Google Alerts also to get automatic updates about anything that might be added by you or your friends about you. You can report anything unpleasant to the hosting site or to an adult; if that image or content breaks the terms and policies of the hosting site, in all likelihoods, they will remove it quickly once you report the issue.

Make the good stuff easy to be found

Sometimes particular content cannot be reported to be removed; thereby you have to think out of the box. What you can alternatively do is increase your positive presence. The more new posts with positive impressions you send, the harder it is to find old posts.

Create new accounts at various social networks and make your name publicly searchable. Another approach is to build your own blog and start showing your constructive and positive ideas.

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