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About SafeSurf

SafeSurf Bahrain is an initiative by Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA Bahrain) dedicated to empower the citizens & residents of Bahrain and their families with knowledge & information for a safer cyber environment.

The SafeSurf website has been designed with families in mind putting them ‘one click away’ from helpful resources to help safeguard every family in Bahrain.

Protect Your Identity

Protect your identity. Make sure you review and understand the privacy settings on all social media sites you use before posting any update.

Stay Informed

Stay informed on the latest threats and scams. Online threats are progressing all the time so ensure you know what to look out for.

Use Anti-Malware Software

Use anti-malware software. To be safe, supplement your existing antivirus software with quality anti-malware software.

Be safe with two factor authentication!

Watch our video below to find out how to protect your social media accounts with two factor authentication.

Our Achievements

In 2010 The TRA launched the Online Safety Initiative, better known today as SafeSurf. The first state of the nation review provides a comprehensive analysis of internet safety issues amongst adults and children, and sets out recommendations to ensure the safety of young people and adults navigating the information highway.

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