What is TRA’s role with SafeSurf?

TRA led the effort in raising cyber safety awareness among internet users in Bahrain. They developed an in depth strategy with the goal of keeping the public informed and protected, starting with monitoring the situation through continuous research to keep up with changing trends in the digital world, and collaborating with major entities nationally and internationally; helping people stay cyber safe.

What did we achieve?

TRA succeeded in improving the cyber environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain which was evident in the findings of their second nationwide study on cyber safety.

  • When awareness increased, alarming statistics and risk taking behavior amongst children & young people decreased.
  • Sharing personal information: down from (16.6%) to (9.9%).
  • Meeting online strangers statistics: drastic reduction observed from (43%) to (16.4%).
  • Awareness of online supervision increased with 75% of parents reporting that children should be supervised when using the internet.
  • And most importantly, confidence regarding online safety increased to (72%).
  • Such promising results proved that TRA’s strategy is highly successful and inspired TRA to work on keeping the message alive.

Can I be part of SafeSurf?

Everyone has a role to play in helping our digital society to use the internet safely and securely. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has a library of free materials, research and tools that can be used to reach this shared goal. Remember, Cyber Safety is a shared responsibility.