SafeSurf Bahrain Initiative

SafeSurf Bahrain is an initiative by Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA Bahrain) dedicated to empower the citizens & residents of Bahrain and their families with knowledge & information for a safer cyber environment.

The SafeSurf website has been designed with families in mind putting them ‘one click away’ from helpful resources to help safeguard every family in Bahrain.

TRA Bahrain

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) was established in 2002 promulgating the Telecommunications Law in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Cyber Safety Award

The Cyber Safety Award is an annual award brought by Safe Surf initiative & Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Bahrain.

The Award aims to encourage students’ individuals or in groups and educational institutions based in the Kingdom of Bahrain to participate & create short awareness films in the field of cyber safety to educate citizens & residents on how to stay safe online.

The Award invites creative participants to create a short film on the topic of “The influence of excessive social media use on youth’s physiological wellbeing & social relations’’

The Award will empower young people participating in the award who are interested in the field of filmmaking with the knowledge & tools on how to produce Short films through private online courses.

Award Objectives

To encourage students to achieve a safe and secure cyber culture to raise awareness on its impact on daily life.

The need arose to enhance the awareness for the entire community to help them avoid, detect, overcome and resist internet related risks, including bulling, identity theft and online scams resulting from social media use.

It will empower the promising talents of Bahrain’s young generation and engage them.

Topic of the yearThe influence of excessive social media
use on kids & youth’s physiological
wellbeing & social relations.

Submit your workSubmit your Short Film
120 seconds max
4K or minimum 2K video quality

Online coursesParticipant will get an exclusive access
to Film making online courses.

ParticipationSchools, Universities & Students
from Bahrain

Winners will get