Who is eligible to participate?

The Award invites students’ individuals or in groups and educational institutions based in the Kingdom of Bahrain to participate.

IndividualsEducational Institutions
SchoolPublic or Private
Based in Bahrain
Public or Private
Based in Bahrain
1 – 5
Member/s Students
1 – 5
Member/s Students
Nationality All NationalitiesAll Nationalities
of Residence
  • Participation in Individual Category is open for all students’ individuals or in groups that are registered in one of the Private & Public schools (7th to 12 Grade) or Universities that are based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Participation in Educational Institutions Category is open for schools (Middle, Secondary) & Universities (Private & Public) that have an active license to operate in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • All registered participants/members can only submit one video.
  • The application form should be filled in English.
  • Each accepted application can submit one short film. The video length should not exceed 120 Seconds maximum.
  • The video format to be MP4 uploaded in folder on an open source link such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.
  • All required files to be uploaded on the same folder.
  • The submitted video to have good quality in implementation level related to the Intellectual & technical aspects including, story, video footage, editing and sound.
  • The video to be in Arabic with English Subtitles or Vice versa. Subtitles in the video & a separate Doc attached to the folder submitted.
  • The video concept shall carry an awareness message in the field of cyber safety linked to the topic of the year.
  • The video concept shall not be prejudicial to religious freedom, morals or public order.
  • The information provided in the participation to be from reliable resources with reference source.
  • The video submitted should not been shown or published in public, in media or on social media.
  • The video submitted should not include any advertising or promotion of any product, brand, company or institution.
  • The video should not include addresses, names, Surnames, titles, signatures, logos or clues referring to a person, group or the people who are participating in the production of the participating short film, or dates of participation.
  • The participant should state whether the music/sound are loyalty free or give credit to copyright sounds. the participant is advised to provide proof of ownership/use.
  • Commitment to make the required modification requested by the Award organizers, if any within 24 hours.
  • The Award organizer is not responsible to compensate any optional costs incurred due to participation & submission
  • The Award organizers hold the exclusive ownership rights of all submitted videos.
  • The Management of the Award is not obliged to provide the details of the evaluation of the participating videos.
  • The Award organizer is not obliged to disclose or provide any documents, submissions at all times, during & post evaluation phase to any external party.
  • The Award organizer has the right to verify the accuracy of the data directly with applicant to participate by requesting additional evidence if not attached.
  • All files submitted for the award are strictly confidential.
  • The Award organizer shall consider & decide upon any exceptions that might have not been mentioned in the Award Previously.