Evaluation Process

The Evaluation Process is divided into three main stages:

  • All applications submitted to be verified by the Registration Committee. The Registration Committee checks and verifies every submission all information and the attachments submitted are true and accurate within the Entry, and in compliance with the Cyber Safety Award Terms & Conditions or any other submission requirements for the entry.
  • Registration Follow-Up:
    • If there is missing or inaccurate information or the Entry is not complying with the Cyber Safety Award Terms & Conditions, the Registration Committee will notify the Participant.
    • The Participant will then have the chance to edit and correct the information or the submitted Entry and re-submit their work to compete in the Award. After re-submission, the new Submission will be treated as a new Entry
  • All Late Entries that do not pass the Verification Stage will be disqualified.
  • For more details, visit the terms & conditions.
  • Only verified participants will proceed to submit their entry, in which the Mid Jury Committee checks and validates every blind Submission; including quality of the work, skills, required attachments, and compliance to the terms & conditions for rules of the Entry.
  • If the Entry fails in any of the criteria mentioned in the previous point, or the Entry is not in compliance with the category-specific rules it has been submitted into, the entry will be disqualified.
  • In some cases where the submission requires certain changes to the files given, the applicant will be contacted and given a chance of three days to re-submit the entry.
  • If the Entry complies with all rules as stated in the Award terms & conditions, the Entry is considered qualified and shall proceed to the next phase.
  • All finalists will be evaluated & graded blindly based on two main criteria; the conceptual & technical competencies.
  • The Creative concept & originality.
  • Storytelling, communication & aesthetic.
  • Execution of project related to Cinematography, Editing & sound design.
  • All members of the final Jury Panel will evaluate and grade the entry separately on an online platform and an average score is calculated for each Entry.
  • Each entry will have a unique reference and will not contain or hint to any information about the Participant; to avoid biased scoring.
  • Finalists will be contacted directly to be invited to the Cyber Safety Awarding Ceremony; during which the winners will be announced.