This Award is organized by The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Bahrain and Safe Surf, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Except where indicated otherwise all copyright and other rights that subsist in the home page and in the sub-domain pages of the website (“the Site”) are owned by The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain

Awards Full Terms & Conditions

  • The Award is opened to all those willing to submit their work according to the Awards categories and rules, for work created & not published between $$ $$ 2020 and $$ $$ 2020, but not entered or nominated into any Awards previously.
  • ENTRIES may be made by individual students or educational facilities submitting their own work.
  • The type of qualified work is limited to submitting a short film video (max 120 seconds in length). Our team may review works. In circumstances where the video is not eligible for the participation for any reason, we will notify the main user.
  • All work must be submitted through ‘’ website through the main user account created for previously registered participants. Entries will not be accepted via email or other channels unless the project officially announces it via THE WEBSITE or technical difficulties prevent the form or website from receiving submissions.
  • The Award timeline with all important dates will be updated on the homepage of the official website All dates may be subject to change but upon launch the timeline will be updated on the Website homepage.
  • A panel of judges will then choose a winner for each of the prizes. The panel of judges may include experts in the field of filmmaking, film Directing, scriptwriting, critique, social media, phycology, parenting; cyber security. Details of the judge’s panel members will be published on website.
  • The shortlisted entries for each category will be published for voting on the website.
  • The winners for each category will be announced at the ceremony in Bahrain in 2020 followed by social media posts and an announcement on our website.
  • The following prizes will be available:
    • A gold, silver and bronze for the top three winners, for each of the following categories – individuals student/s, Educational facilities that include Schools & Universities.
    • One award for voters’ choice through website voting.
  • Winners will be notified in the ceremony. Winners must supply bank payment details so we can transfer the money to them. Payment transfers during 60 days after the awards ceremony. If winners do not provide us with bank details by the end of July 2020, they may forfeit the opportunity to be paid.
  • The winning Educational Facility will have the right to receive the prize.
  • The winner in the individuals’ category with no group members, will be the main person to receive the prize
  • The winners in the individuals’ category when participating in a group, the prize will be distributed equally between the registered group members.
  • The legal guardian of the winners who are under 18 years old will be the authorized person to receive the prize on behalf of the winners in the individuals’ category.
  • The prizes are not transferable.
  • Full terms and conditions apply, by entering the awards you agree to accept them and our privacy policy.
  • Any individual submitting an Entry in the Award is responsible for the legality, originality and copyright of the work submitted in his/her name.
  • By submitting your work on the website, you are not allowed to upload and distribute any document which are confidential, defamatory, obscene, breaking personal privacy regulations, infringing copyright and intellectual property rights, violating legal rights of any party or proprietary to a brand, an individual or a company (except you, the person submitting the work in his/her name). We reserve the right to delete any offending material and remove the entries from the Awards.
  • Any individual submitting his/her work through the website form cannot use false contact information details or identifying details, impersonating any person in order to mislead the awards jury.
  • Participants should confirm that they have not paid a third party for the work that they have been submitted, nor has it been produced or published previously or in a professional capacity.
  • By submitting your Entry, you grant a non-exclusive permission to ‘Cyber Safety Award’ organizers, sponsors and any members of the press / media to use your name, your image and the work submitted so that we may use it in producing and marketing the Award. Example usages include articles in newspapers / magazines / websites /Advertisements/ social media posts / blogs / the showcase section of our website; printed materials at our awards ceremonies; prints at exhibitions specifically related to the award; projected and on-screen visuals at our ceremonies; videos and photos displaying winners and presentations related to these awards.
  • By submitting your entry through the online form, you hereby confirm you have the rights to distribute the content used in your work provided and that the content used does not violate any commercial and judicial laws.
  • All entries submitted will not be returned in any format.
  • For any information regarding entry process, submitting your work, awards, timing or any technical issues regarding the website, please contact us.