Say “No” to Strangers Online

//Say “No” to Strangers Online
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Be safe and say “NO” to strangers online

You probably know about most of the online risks, but have you ever thought of the risks related with talking to online strangers?

Connecting with new friends online is very tempting, but always remember:

  1. Keep your personal information personal.Would you talk to a stranger on the street and share your personal information with him/her? Of course not. So you should never give out personal information like phone numbers, your address, etc to virtual people. If you would like to communicate with new people remember to always be cautious and only share general information that can’t be used to identify you.
  1. Your screen name can tell and do a lot. Choose a nickname that shows you are a well-behaved person, just as you are in real life. If you use a nickname that contains inappropriate words, you might get unwanted attention from weirdos.
  1. Never reply to questions that you don’t want to answer, like where you live, which school you go to and how old you are. If you feel uncomfortable, ignore the questions and block the person.
  1. Only share what you feel comfortable sharing. If anyone online asks you to send them your picture, think, do you really want to do that? If you feel uncomfortable in any way, do not send them anything.
  1. Never agree to meet an online contact you have not met in person without informing your parents or caregivers. If you want to meet an online contact in person, be sure to ask your parents or caregivers to come with you!

Possible Dangers of Talking To Strangers Online

Interacting with an online contact means you are talking to a person you’ve never met in real life, sharing personal information with unknown people could involve risks, like stalking or identity theft!

Here’s a link to an animation Safesurf’s team created to show you how contacting strangers could be dangerous!