//TRA launches “Say No to Cyberbullying” Booklet in cooperation with “Be-Free” Program

TRA launches “Say No to Cyberbullying” Booklet in cooperation with “Be-Free” Program

Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain – Wednesday, 17 February 2016.


The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain issued “Say No to Cyberbullying” Booklet in cooperation with the Bahrain Women Association for Human Development’s “Be-Free” Program. The Booklet aims to increase the awareness among children and young people of cyberbullying’s negative impacts on the community. It provides the necessary steps to prevent cyberbullying, how to act in the event of cyberbullying and how to reduce it and contribute to the protection and support of others.

Since 2010, TRA has been focusing on its initiative of spreading cyber safety knowledge to children, parents and in schools, and aims to support and collaborate with various entities on this matter, through workshops, lectures, focus groups and other collaborations with the mission to promote cybersafety knowledge and culture as well as educating and empowering digital citizens.

The Booklet could be used as a personal reference for children and youths that explains the difference between bullying and cyberbullying, the types of cyberbullying and how they can contribute to reducing these risks that others face online by guiding those who are victims of cyberbullying.

In the same context, TRA is working on a number of projects related to the protection of children and adults online, including launching a 3D Animation “Stand Up to Cyberbullying” that educates and guides children on cyberbullying. The video is planned for release in 2016. The Booklet can be downloaded via safesurf.bh

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