Teaching students about online safety

//Teaching students about online safety
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Introducing Internet Safety to Students

Children being online has become a common phenomenon; little children spend so much time online. Research shows that almost 50% of children in Bahrain between the ages of (12-18) spend more than 3 hours online daily compared to almost 30% in 2010.

One finding from the National Internet Safety Review is; there is a close link between more time spent online (3 hours or more) and experience of negative and risky behavior.

Another finding states that there is little comprehension and no standardized approach to teaching young people and children about online safety strategies across schools, and many children do not receive online safety training but rely upon advice from family and peers.

The following link is a one-class presentation prepared by the Safesurf team, that is useful for elementary and middle school teachers to present to students about online safety and how they should react in various scenarios.

  • Have time for an open discussion.
  • Listen to them and learn what they understood from the discussion.
  • You may need to spotlight some important vocabularies.
  • Have time for assessment, the exercises at the end of the presentation are great tools for assessing what the students have understood.
  • Finally, an activity of sharing real life stories is a perfect way to wrap up the lesson.
Download Workshop Presentation