Teachers and caregivers know how – effective methods to help students stay safe online

Technology has become an essential part of education, the learning process and socializing. Students are actively using advanced technology to research, learn, enhance knowledge and socialize. If used for exchanging knowledge and learning, can be of a great added value. However, if the same tools are used for sharing inappropriate content, it could be unsafe for the students.

Though teachers and schools can block the inappropriate websites on desktops, laptops and iPads used at school, they still can’t exercise any control on the student’s personal devices.

The following are some effective techniques to help teachers and caregivers teach students ways to stay safe online:

  1. Teach children and keep them aware of the effective ways of using the internet in school, for example, how to safely and responsibly acquire information online.
  2. Impart students with decision making skills and self-control techniques to be able to behave safely and responsibly while using the internet
  3. Supervise and mentor students’ activities online
  4. Implement filtering software to block websites that are considered unacceptable for children. Though most of the filtering or security tools are highly effective.