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The Friendly Girl



The Cyberbully



The Hacker



The Predator

Qumasha – The Friendly Girl

I am here to teach you about potential risks you could face online, we can all learn a thing or two from others experiences, so on this website you will find educational material, articles, tips and so much more.

I have encountered several unpleasant incidents from these individuals: Sharshoor the cyberbully, Nabash the hacker, and Temsah the Predator. They skin behind people that you may trust dealing with, so stay alert at all times, and think safe online safe offline!.

SafeSurf website will teach you exactly how to deal with them, showing you different techniques to keep your online experience pleasant and safe.



Sharshoor – The Cyberbully

I am not-so-lovable type person. I use social networking websites, forums, and smartphones, emails, and instant messaging, to make you feel terrible and unsafe. My Passion is to hurt my victims through threatening, calling names, telling jokes on them, down talking, rumor spreading, and posting humiliating image’s and video’s.

Nabash – The Hacker

I search for people, who don’t mind to give out their personal information over the internet. I might ask for information like your full name, address, phone number, or even your e-mail address and other private details. These pieces of information help me to penetrate systems in order to spy, steal personal photos, or to destroy files. I hate people who keep their passwords strong and safe by not sharing them with anyone.



Temsah – The Predator

You might feel comfort talking with me online. In reality, I am not a nice person as I seem. Usually I hang out on social media, forums, and chat rooms. I use social engineering practices to find information about potential victims. Parents and teachers are always guiding their kids not to meet a stranger online. However, I use my own online tricks to find people who disclose their secrets easily.